FAQ’s – Frequently Asked Questions:

  • How much are your classes? Our full ten week term costs $270. This is prorated as the term progresses.
  • Do you offer free trials? Unfortunately not. Due to insurance costs, we need to ensure that all students are covered.
  • Do i need to sign up for the full term? No, new students have the option of doing a three consecutive week trial before committing to the full term.
  • How can i do a trial? You can enrol for a three week trial through our website by clicking the class that suits your schedule on our timetable, then selecting enrol. During your enrolment process, there will be a section for your notes, please put “3 week trial” in this box.
  • How much does a trial cost? Our three week trials are $90 and must be paid in full before your first class.
  • Can i do a payment plan? We require students to pay for the full term upfront to secure their position in our program.
  • What if my child does not like the class? Our classes have a very repetitive structure, the children tend to settle in quite easily after a few weeks. They learn the structure and follow the other students lead. You will see a huge difference in your child from the first lesson they come, the the end of term if you stick with it even if they seem ‘not to like it’ at first.
  • What if i am sick, or away on holidays? We offer make up lessons. These can be taken at any time during your enrolment.
  • Can i sign up at any point throughout the term? Yes, except for the last 2 weeks of term.
  • Are you occupational Therapists, Physiotherapists? No, although we do lots of activities and movement patterns based on these industries, we are not professional therapists and we are only trained in recognising ‘red flags’.
  • What if i have twins? We do require that every child has an adult with them to be able to participate in our classes. Although we do try to cater for all. Give us a call!
  • Can i bring a sibling? Unfortunately siblings cannot participate in our program with their older/younger brother or sister. If they need to be in the gym with the parent, they will need to have insurance paid to cover them for any accidents that could occur to themselves or another student. They will need to remain with the parent and keep “feet on the floor” – which means no climbing. To make the most of this situation, you are welcome to book that second child in for three lessons of their own if you have already had to cover their insurance costs. Children are welcome to stay with our assistant if needed, where they can colour, draw, or “assist” – which most children love to do!