Policies & Procedures

Our Policies & Procedures help to make your GymbaROO experience fun, safe and enjoyable.

Booking Classes

  • When bookings are made, they are for the next available class of that term (or the 1st class of a new term). If you want to start on a particular week during a term you need to wait until the week before and see if there are vacancies, then enrol.
  • If you cancel your booking or miss any class(es) we do not provide a refund, credit or fee deferment. Please consider a free look (no participation) or a introductory/trial offer for $90 if you are not sure about committing to a full term at GymbaROO. You cannot transfer or assign your membership or class entitlements to another child.
  • If you miss your first scheduled class – you can not change the start date. A makeup class may be available. See Makeup Policy below.
  • The introductory/trial offer runs for 3 consecutive weeks and is available to children who have never participated in a GymbaROO class before. Any continuation after the 3 week introductory offer is for the rest of the term.
  • All prices shown are in Australian dollars and include GST.
  • You will need to agree to our terms and conditions order to proceed with your booking.

When You Attend Gymbaroo

  • Photography is not permitted during mat time and you cannot photograph others at any time without their permission. Photographing your own child is ok during equipment time.
  • In order to protect those with life threatening allergies and to maintain a clean safe environment, eating or drinking at GymbaROO is not permitted (except for water / breast feeding).
  • Each child attending GymbaROO must have their own carer. For example if you enrol twins you must have 2 carers.
  • It is preferred if you are bringing other children / siblings / babies to GymbaROO that you bring another carer to look after them while you are in class with your enrolled child. Siblings  are welcome to watch (not participate) so long as they do not interfere with the class and there is room to do so. They are not permitted onto the gym equipment.
  • You will need to remove your shoes at GymbaROO and children need to be barefoot.
  • You are required to comply with the safety guidelines as posted in the centre and with any direction issued to you by a staff member.

Missed Classes – Makeup Policy

In the event you have missed a scheduled class a makeup class may be available. Please note the following conditions regarding makeup classes.

  • You must book any makeup class in advance (at the centre, on our website through the timetable or by phone).
  • Bookings are for the next available class on the day you wish to attend. This means you can’t book a makeup to occur several weeks or months in the future.
  • It is highly recommended you book your makeup class as soon as possible after missing your scheduled class so you don’t miss out.
  • Maximum of 2 makeup classes per term. A booked class counts even if you do not attend it.
  • Makeup classes are subject to availability and may not be available if a class is full or when no other class runs in your child’s age group.
  • Makeup classes must be taken in the same term and if on a 3 week trial must be taken within the 3 weeks of the trial period.
  • Please consider others who may have missed a class through illness by not booking makeup classes due to your social commitments.

Make a Bank Transfer

Please transfer your Term Fee to Gymbaroo The Hills using the following details:

Name: Blancato Services Pty Ltd
BSB: 012 246
Acct: 289145998

Enter your child’s full name as the reference (i.e. Jessica Blancato)

If you have any questions about our terms and conditions please contact us.