Fun Holiday Sessions

Fun Play sessions at Gymbaroo The Hills.

Gymbaroo Rouse Hill is open during the holidays for ‘Fun Play Sessions’.

Holiday classes for Children and Babies in The Hills.

About our Holiday Sessions:

These are unstructured, explorative time in the gym, and we have lots of small equipment out in our mat room for your little ones to have fun and develop their skills they have learnt in class.

You will find lots of signs up to encourage you to try new skills with our equipment, and of course our staff are always there to answer your questions.

Everyone is welcome, therefore you do not have to be a current Gymbaroo student to attend. This is a great way to see our centre, and meet other parents without the commitment to the full term.

Wear comfortable play clothes, take off your shoes and socks, and come and enjoy. We are happy for you to bring a small snack along and a bottle of water for your little ones. We have a strict ‘No food policy’ in the gym. In addition, we ask that you simply wipe your children’s hands and faces before they return to the gym after eating.

Our sessions are 3 hours and $15 each child, $10 for subsequent siblings.

Upcoming Holiday Sessions:

Monday 8th July, 2019 from 9 – 12pm

Tuesday 9th July, 2019 from 9 – 12pm

Wednesday 10th July, 2019 from 9 – 12pm

Thursday 11th July, 2019 from 9 – 12pm

Friday 12th July, 2019 from 9 – 12pm

Monday 15th July, 2019 from 9 – 12pm

Tuesday 16th July, 2019 from 9 – 12pm

Wednesday 17th July, 2019 from 9 – 12pm

Thursday 18th July, 2019 from 9 – 12pm

Friday 19th July, 2019 from 9 – 12pm

Please email us if you have any questions about our Holiday sessions, including mothers group (large) bookings at